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For the Data Management Association, Data Strategy entails "an understanding of the data needs inherent in the business strategy: what data the organization needs, how it will get the data, how it will manage it and ensure its reliability over time, and how it will utilize it."  We would like to go one step further. For us, Data Strategy is arguably the most critical contributor to achieving your business-strategic goals.

Our Data Strategy Framework

"In my role as executive board member, I have participated in a significant amount of Data Strategy initiatives. Based on this experience, I am convinced that a template-heavy, top-down approach rarely leads to the desired outcomes. This is why we have developed a light-weight, iterative approach, focusing on real value generation for our clients."


Founder and Partner

First, using suitable evaluation dimensions, a current state assessment is performed. It typically consists of self-assessments, a maturity scoring and semi-structured interviews with the relevant stakeholders.

Second, in close alignment with the business strategy, value propositions are developed and strategic capabilities are identified. 

Third, a mission and vision statement are condensed from the results of the first two steps. The organization-specific viability and cultural fit are taken in consideration.

Finally, leveraging the developed vision, an implementation roadmap is defined for the strategic initiatives leading to the target state. A high-level business case is created to demonstrate the economic viability.

Our Evaluation Dimensions 

"We have experienced that a small set of evaluation dimensions helps focussing the process and reduces the perceived complexity of the topic. Together with a suitable maturity scoring, these dimensions allow intuitive visualizations and simplify both current-state and target-state discussions with all stakeholder groups."


Founder and Partner

Organizational change management and the overall change-culture of the organization

Technical capabilities enabling effective working with data throughout the organization

Talent management and the overall data-culture of the organization

Alignment between the business strategy and the data capabilities of the organization

Structure, effectiveness, and perception of Data Governance and related roles

Structure, effectiveness, and perception of Data Management and related roles

Our Self Assessment Framework
Client Testimonials
"nxt digital has contributed significantly to structuring the data topic, to identifying related gaps, and to working-out solution options. The implementation of the developed vision is an important element in achieving our strategic goals."
Guido Müller
Swisscard AECS
"It was important for us to develop a Data Strategy which really fits to Swisscard and that is supported by the organization in its entirety. Together with nxt digital, we achieved this goal."
Marco Bazzani
Swisscard AECS
Head of IT
Mario Crameri

Founder and Partner

Senior Executive, CIO, COO and member of the board of directors with over 25 years of experience in Banking and Technology. Active shaper and executer of large scale digital initiatives since the beginning of the commercial Internet. Leader in e-business and IT strategy, global technology and business teams. Created a digital bank

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